Boston Dynamics’ adorable SpotMini robot climbs stairs, loads the dishwasher and even dances!

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The future, it seems, has arrived, and it is in the form of a quadruped robot. Meet SpotMini, an incredibly clever all-electric robot that can do a variety of household chores, including dumping empty soda cans in the bin and even loading the dishwasher. That is not all, however. This Boston Dynamics-designed contraption is also capable of running around, climbing stairs and when particularly bored, dancing!

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Weighing only around 55 pounds (65 lbs when sporting the multi-functional arm), SpotMini is a smaller version of the four-legged Spot robotic dog unveiled last year. Recently introduced in an adorable video, the new robot is unlike anything the Google-owned company has ever created. Its highly-flexible arm enables it to perform a range of movements, such as gingerly picking up wine glasses before placing them in the dishwasher.

Boston Dynamics' SpotMini

Powered entirely using electricity (with no hydraulics), SpotMini is envisioned as a versatile robot that can safely maneuver objects around the house, and even look after the elderly further down the line. According to the developers, the waterproof contraption’s powerful arm grants it the ability to stand back up after slipping on banana peels.

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Claimed to the quietest robot ever built by the engineers at Boston Dynamics, SpotMini is equipped with number of advanced sensors, including a solid-state gyroscope, smart depth cameras as well as proprioceptive sensors fitted in the limbs. As the team points out, these sensors aid the robot in navigation and mobile manipulation.

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Although not completely autonomous, the robot is significantly more sophisticated and intuitive than its predecessors. For instance, it can be instructed to fetch a beer bottle from the fridge, without breaking  any delicate object around it. Watch the following video to be amazed:

SpotMini is a smaller version of the four-legged robotic dog, Spot, unveiled last year:

To learn more about SpotMini and other robots, head over to Boston Dynamics’ official website.



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