Norway’s $25 billion project to construct world’s first underwater traffic tunnels

World's First Underwater Traffic Tunnels To Be Constructed In Norway-3

The Norwegian government has recently announced plans to construct the world’s first floating underwater traffic tunnels, as a way of allowing travelers to easily traverse the several hundred fjords present in and around the Scandinavian country. According to officials, the submerged bridges will be installed at depths of around 100 feet below the water surface.

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Each of these tubes will be wide enough to accommodate two separate traffic lanes. The entire system will be held together by sturdy trusses, with a network of pontoons keeping it afloat. For added stability, the underwater traffic tunnels might also be secured to the seabed. Despite their somewhat unusual location, driving on these bridges will be no different from driving through ordinary land-based tunnels. Once installed, they will serve as an alternative to the current mode of transportation: ferries.

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At present, Norway is home to nearly 1,150 onshore tunnels, of which around 35 are situated underwater. The fjords in the region are in general too wide and deep to support the construction of regular bridges. Although suspension bridges or even the kind that floats over water might work in this case, such designs are usually susceptible to damages due to harsh weather. These structures might also obstruct Navy ships that often use the neighboring waters for training purposes.

The $25 billion project is slated for completion by the year 2035.

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