Thought-provoking animation shows the extent of inequality in today’s world


Sitting in the comfort of our homes, far away from the part of the globe where people struggle daily to procure food, shelter and employment, we often tend to forget the simple truth that the world is largely unfair. Although the media jolts us time and again with news of poverty, illiteracy and discrimination in different corners of the world, we, the lucky few prefer to return to our cocoon, lest our comfortable routine gets broken.

The good folks at GOOD Magazine have created a wonderful little video that will jar viewers out of their stupor. Titled “If the World Were 100 People”, it hits us with a bunch of unassailable truths, highlighting the extent of inequality currently plaguing our society. Diversity is one of the key features of today’s world, thanks to varying nationalities, ethnicities, religions, age groups as well as languages.

The division is further broadened by social and economic inequality, poverty, illiteracy, homelessness, unemployment and so on. As the video points out, only one percent of the entire populace controls more than 50-percent of the world’s money, in spite of increasing efforts by governments around the world to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.

More startling, perhaps, is the fact that less than 7-percent of the global populace have attended college.  Over 13-percent of the population live without proper access to clean water, with nearly 16-percent suffering from malnutrition and starvation. The video ends with an important question that demands introspection:

If the world were 100 people, would we all fight harder for equality?

Source: GOOD Magazine (YouTube Channel)

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