Amazing infographic shows five iconic roofs from across the globe


Roofs shelter us from the glare of sun, the gust of wind and the torrent of rain, while at the same time enhancing the building’s aesthetics. They can be flat as is the case of most houses or gabled (think Alpine chalets), or even the gently curving roofs of Buddhist temples. To some architects, they represent a unique mode of artistic expression intended to shock and awe visitors.

The team at Canada-based metal roofing company Country Towne has created a wonderful infographic, listing five of the most iconic roofs from across the globe. Apart from elevating the buildings’ beauty, these roofs stand out as magnificent feats of architecture and engineering. Among the five are the Sydney Opera House, Beijing National Stadium, St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, Thailand’s Grand Place and spectacular Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

Constructed in the 12 century, St. Stephen Cathedral is the oldest building in the list, with the latest being U.A.E’s Ferrari World. Opened to the public in 2010, it is the first Ferrari theme park in the entire world, featuring a 3,000-sq-m roof held together with the help of around 12,370 tons of steel. The Grand Palace in Bangkok is another majestic structure. Erected during the 1700s, the palace is home to multiple buildings, each with a unique roof design.


Source: Country Towne


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  1. What about the Baha’i Lotus Temple in Delhi? It is even better than Sidney Opera….

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