Filip Janssens’ Rupture: A brilliantly modern storage unit that finds beauty in asymmetry


There is a kind of beauty in asymmetry and disarray that uniformity fails to achieve, and that is what Belgian interior designer Filip Janssens’s latest project best exemplifies. Titled ‘Rupture’, the collection includes a series of custom-made storage units that are brilliantly modern, yet practical.


Each of these wooden shelves features a strategically-placed “crack” that stands out in the pristine, white facade. The cavities disrupt the monotony of the white exterior, looking almost like it has been ripped apart quite violently. Running along the length of the structure, these cracks are in turn lit by a set of LEDs.


As pointed out by the creator, the unit consists of a number of varying storage spaces, including shelves, drawers and cupboard spaces. The designer is currently gearing up to unveiled the product at the upcoming Biennale Interiur in Belgium.





To learn more about Filp Janssens and his creations, head over to his official website.


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