Meet the house of the future, an interactive structure that changes shape according to the weather


Interactive architecture is the future, and that is exactly what Michael Jantzen is trying to capitalize on. As part of his latest project, the Illinois-based architect has conceived the house of the future that alters its design according to the owners’ preferences. Dubbed as the Malleable Autonomous Retreat House, the smart shape-shifting structure offers you a chance to enjoy a peaceful, off-grid vacation in a futuristic fashion.


The actual house is made up of a glazed box featuring sliding doors and roof, which is in turn encased inside an enormous wooden canopy consisting of as many as 32 hinged panels. As pointed out by Jantzen, the movement of the panels would be controlled by electric motors. To make the concept more attainable, the developer has also included the provision for geared hand-cranks that could manipulate the canopy’s motions. Jantzen said:

Whenever all of the panels are closed (or in the flat position) the house retains a simple rectangular form. In this position, the space under the canopy is entirely shaded, and blocks most of the wind. As the hinged panels are opened to any degree, the shape of the house begins to change into a totally unpredictable form, which can be based on the desired climatic conditions under the canopy, and/or just aesthetic preferences.


The canopy’s changing shapes would allow the occupants to control the amount of sunlight and wind entering the abode. Lined by large floor-to-ceiling windows, the 400-sq-ft building will house a bed, a seating area, tables, a cooking space, a bath and a composting toilet. The spectacular interactive home will rely on propane gas for cooking as well as heating. Shifting the canopy panels would also help keep the dwelling warm by enhancing solar heat gain.


When fully extended, the canopy would likely measure 80-ft in length, 32-ft in width and around 24-ft in height (or 9.7 x 24 x 7.3 m). The house of the future, according to the architect, will be powered entirely by sun’s energy. If everything goes according to plan, we could see a Malleable Autonomous House coming up in New Mexico in the coming years.





To learn more about the Malleable Autonomous Retreat House, head over to Michael Jantzen’s official website.

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