Slovenian firm designs futuristic, modular dome homes that can be erected on any terrain


Designers at Slovenia-based Smartdome Constructions have unveiled a series of futuristic modular dome homes that can be erected on almost all kinds of terrain. Based on the concept of “bionic construction”, these spectacular, prefabricated structures can easily blend into their surrounding landscapes. Thanks to their innovative modular design, the dwellings can be expanded into larger living spaces.


With the aim of becoming the “leading producer of thematic villages”, the company has come up with four different types of dodecahedrons: aquadomes that are designed for water landscapes, snowdomes that as their name suggests are created for frosty environments, skydomes for hilly, elevated terrains and lastly, treedomes for regions with vegetation.


Each of the domes is mounted on a galvanized steel base that enhances the structure’s stability, irrespective of the topography on which it stands. Fashioned out of welded galvanized steel and waterproof plywood, the dwellings come in two varieties: transparent design made with 3D thermoformed polycarbonate and non-transparent version featuring a 150-millimeter-thick insulating layer of mineral wool.

As pointed out by the developers, the insulating materials are chosen to help lower the modular dome home’s overall energy consumption. Speaking about the project, the team said:

Our aim is to develop new method of living in the country, combining technical efficiency with careful treatment of resources and nature alike.




To learn more about the concept, head over to the official website of Smartdome Constructions.

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