Architect Stefano Boeri unveils plans for stunning vertical forest hotel in Guizhou, China


Creators of the world’s very first vertical forest, Stefano Boeri Architetti (SBA) has recently unveiled plans for its third verdant vertical structure: the Mountain Forest Hotel. To be constructed in Guizhou, China, this magnificent 250-room building attempts to emulate the natural topography of the 10 Thousand Peaks valley, located in the same region.


Like the Bosco Verticale in Milan and The Tower of the Cedars in Switzerland, the current project features nature as one of the essential components of the urban structure. According to architect Stefano Boeri, green architecture and vertical forests are important means to secure the future of our planet.   Speaking about the concept, Boeri of SBA Studios said:

Sustainability not only depends on energy conservation, but on a wider biodiversity. The symbiosis between man, architecture and nature is the real sustainability…  slowing down the climate changes, reducing CO2 emissions, making our living sustainable and in harmony with nature.


In addition to its impressive eco-friendly credentials, the Mountain Forest Hotel will boast an array of modern luxuries, including a gym, lounge, VIP area, restaurant, bar and conference space.


To learn more about the project, visit the firm’s official website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Via: Inhabitat

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1 Comment on "Architect Stefano Boeri unveils plans for stunning vertical forest hotel in Guizhou, China"

  1. Tomás Guadarrama Quiroz | November 6, 2016 at 7:33 pm |

    It’s beautiful and it would be interesting to me as a civil engineer, know how you plan to consider Boeri architect resolve the behavior that trees provide structure.
    Several factors are important to consider
    1. Trees are living things, so they require nutrients and water; water being a contributing factor to an overload and effects to any structure, also the tree grows and gains weight considerably, their roots tend to spread and even break through leveraging cuialquier pore over the years thicken and severely damage the structure
    2. The effect of the wind on the trees (windward and leeward), subjected to high stresses transmitted to its roots and consequently the structure that makes up the project.
    I attended a situation of garden on a concrete structure situation, which had more than 30 years and trees with 20 cm diameter, was considerably rehabilitate final shoot them down and building proved very costly.

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