Infographic: Meet the 40 spine-chilling monsters that will steal your sleep tonight


Although this year’s Halloween season is already gone, we just couldn’t resist sharing this brilliant infographic by The Sleep Matters Club. Titled “40 Monsters of the Night &Where to Find Them”, the amazing artwork lists some of the scariest night monsters from mythology, literature and pop culture, including such bigwigs as Medusa, Big Foot and Bloody Mary.

The team at the UK-based company has painstakingly compiled the list, providing detailed information about the 40 monsters and, where to find them. Each of these characters comes with a danger rating, with one meaning relatively harmless and five being pee-in-your-pants scary.

For instance, Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster is rated only one in the danger scale, and is actually known to have a large fan base, with some even affectionately calling it “Nessie”. On the other hand, monsters like the werewolf, the Slender Man, Chicago’s Candyman from the 1992 supernatural horror movie with the same name and Demogorgon are the spookiest, meaning that you will probably need to leave your night light on after going through the entire infographic.


To know more about each of these monsters, head over to The Sleep Matters Club’s official website.


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