Watch: Scorpion-3, world’s first manned hoverbike is ready to take flight


Meet the Scorpion-3 (S-3), the badass hoverbike that could be your next mode of transportation. Designed by the team at Hoversurf, the prototype single-seat aircraft was unveiled in a recent video posted on the company’s website. A cross between a conventional motorbike and a giant quadcopter, this innovative piece of machinery can effortlessly lift into the air, allowing the user to enjoy the thrills of motorcycling and flying all at once.

The inspiration behind this incredibly futuristic design was the heavy-duty bike chassis that are commonly used in extreme games. Engineered to “surf through the air by changing altitude and direction”, the Scorpion-3 is actually the first manned quadcopter in the world to graduate from the development phase to the testing stage.

To ensure the driver’s safety, the company has also created a special software that can regulate the hoverbike’s speed and range. Given its sturdy built, the vehicle could be of interest to extreme sports enthusiasts. The Russian company is currently invested in fine-tuning the design in the hope of making it commercially available as soon as possible.

The following video shows the world’s first manned hoverbike taking its first flight:

To learn more about the Scorpion-3, head over to Hoversurf’s official website.

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