Innovative new world map ranks the countries according to toxicity level


Like cancer eating at healthy cells, pollution is slowly engulfing the entire world, turning it toxic for humans and animals alike. An innovative new map, developed by the folks at The Eco Experts, showcases the toxicity level of each country. In addition to air pollution, the map takes into consideration carbon emissions, power consumption as well as renewable energy production of 135 nations across the globe.

For the project, the UK-based company also studied the cases of deaths and health problems caused by impure air and deteriorating environment. Topping the list as the world’s most toxic country is Saudi Arabia, which might not come as a surprise as it has the highest air pollution levels anywhere in the world. According to the report, its oil-rich neighbors, including Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirate, also feature high in the toxicity list.


Ranked 66, the United States is apparently less polluted than Russia, China and even Canada. It is, however, more toxic than countries like the United Kingdom as well as India. Although commonly touted as the cleanest and greenest places in the world, Nordic nations like Norway and Iceland actually rank quite high in terms of energy consumption.

Among the five least toxic countries are Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Cameroon, all belonging to the African continent. Speaking about the project, Jon Whiting from The Eco Experts was reported saying:

This research is a way of naming and shaming the worst offenders around the world. Their lack of action against emissions not only puts their populations at risk of deadly pollution-related diseases but also threatens the future of our planet. These threats are not distant concerns for future generations; their effects are being felt now and lives are already being lost. This research highlights the need for every country to act fast and put more investment into renewable energy alternatives.

Source: TheEcoExperts / Via: Inhabitat

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