Amazing video showcases the evolution of video games from 1962 – 2017

evolution-video-games-1962-2017Scene from GTA V

Ranging from the iconic Space Invaders, retro Pacman to the insightful Half-life and expansive GTA V, the incredible video compiled by YouTuber Data Radar covers a wide spectrum of critically lauded games over a period of 55 years. And of course, as can be the genuine case, there are instances where one would feel that their favorite games have been left out of this graphical evolution loop. But one should also try to comprehend the sheer scope of the video gaming industry that has been pumping out its stuff at a pretty exhilarating pace in the last two decades – thus being currently valued well over $65 billion in terms of revenues.

We here at HEXAPOLIS have also previously talked about the graphical evolution of famous video game franchises (as opposed to individual games). For example, the original Fallout was developed and published by Interplay Entertainment in 1997, and was widely considered to be the spiritual successor to the 1988 role-playing video game Wasteland. And what may seem like a far-cry (no video game pun intended) to the current iterations of action RPGs, the open-world video game was played with a top-down (isometric) perspective, thus being similar to CRPGs.

Fallout Released In 1997.

Fallout 3 Released In 2008.

Fallout 4 Released In 2015.

The venerable role-playing series once again made a comeback into popular consciousness – with Fallout 3 released in 2008, and its stand-alone successor Fallout: New Vegas released in 2010. And, then finally came the Fallout 4 (developed and published by Bethesda Game Studios) that had everyone prattling in the gaming industry – with touted features like over 50 base guns and 700 modifications of weapons being available to the player!

Video Source: Data Radar (YouTube)

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