Animation presents the 10 most powerful military forces of the world


In the modern context, when political clamor plays its agitating role amidst economic upheavals in various parts of the world, the scenarios tend to become more volatile. And when volatility lends to widespread jingoism, we tend to hear various public statements like – ‘our military can triumph others’ and so forth. However beyond sparring statements, there is practicality to consider. And this objective scope is exactly what the folks over at The Infographics Show bring to the table, by considering the actual strength of the world’s most powerful military forces by comparing various parameters.

These parameters include the actual population of the nation in question (thus suggesting its conscription capacity), its area, its defensive budget and the number of available military personnel. The criteria then moves forth to the arms, vehicles and equipment – ranging from tanks, APVs to artillery pieces. In essence, the animation showcases an unbiased approach to determining the military capacity of a country, based on real-time attributes, as opposed to subjective contexts.

And in case, you are interested in the futuristic side of affairs when it comes to tactical combat, you can take a gander at our article that covers the 8 of the most advanced technologies (military-oriented) in development.

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