South Korea to construct a state-of-the-art ‘agriculture city’ in Egypt fueled by $10 billion deal


By virtue of the fertile soil of the Nile Delta, ancient Egypt with its abundance of food rose to being one of the influential civilizations in human history. And now, after millennia, the nation is all set to debut yet another wonder, in the form of a full-fledged agriculture city encompassing a whopping 311,400 acres. The fruit of the collaborative effort between General Authority for Reconstruction Projects and Agricultural Development (an affiliate to the Egyptian Agriculture Ministry) and Korea-Arab Society (KAS), the city in itself will entail a bevy of green solutions ranging from greenhouses to dedicated cultivation.

The location of the massive agriculture city will pertain to the Qattara Depression, an area known for its salt pans and marches, northwest in present-day Egypt. While boasting the second-lowest point in all of Africa, the region has previously been marked for its hydro electricity generating potential, considering its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea shore. In any case, the project in question here is expected to feature some state-of-the-art technologies that will fuse eco-friendliness and efficiency.


Qattara Depression

For example, the engineers expect to install around 50,000 smart greenhouses within the perimeter of the agriculture city. These will be complemented by seawater desalination plants, solar power plants, fodder production facilities, and specific cultivation areas for stevia (whose leaves are used for extraction of the sugar substitute). Unfortunately, not many details are known about the endeavor except for an estimation (by engineers) that the entire complex could be set up within a time-frame of only six months. The $10 billion deal was in fact signed on 15th of August, thus alluding to the possibility of the project being kick-started in the very near future.


Stevia leaves

Source: ArabFinance

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