Gecko Camper bridges the gap between a camping solution and mobile habitation


There is more to this delivery truck than that meets the eye. The Gecko Camper hauls with itself a full fledged two-story living solution. The impressive habitable scope entails a range of features, including roof-top tents, pop-up campers and truck canopies. In essence, the design is not only tailored to your camping trips but also envisaged as a singular living module that can be attached to the mobile truck.


The main transforming compartment pertains to a monocoque structure fabricated from 6062 and 5052 plate aluminum, thus fusing the advantages of high strength and low weight. The top section of this shell is noteworthy because it pops up in its full width into an A-frame-style roof-top tent. In fact, the cover is attached to the bedding itself (which caters to two people), and thus all the user needs to do is to opt for the flipping mechanism for the tent to ‘open up’.


The roof-top tent accounts for the upper floor, while the remaining part of the shell pertains to the lower floor. This space houses an L-shaped sofa with a four-people capacity, thus alluding to the living room of the mobile habitat. Furthermore, a dual-cab model of the Gecko adds an alcove-style children’s sleeping area that is supported underneath by the truck’s driver cabin.


Now interestingly enough, many similar camping solutions try to incorporate the kitchen into the main area of the cramped shell. However, the Gecko Camper eliminates this spatial predicament by integrating an ‘outer’ canopy-style kitchen. Covered by a driver-side panel, this kitchenette offers slide-out dual-burner gas stove with grill, drop-down countertop and even a slide-out, drop-down refrigerator (which is accessible from the interior).


Beyond just spatial and cooking features, the Gecko Camper also offers its fair share of storage and micro-amenities. The former would pertain to a passenger-side exterior wall that accounts for storage and access to a range of equipment, including a 105Ah AGM battery, 12V outlets, a fuse panel and LED lighting for both the lower level living area and the outdoor kitchen. Moreover, upgrade packages include 75 L water tank and self-priming pump, outdoor shower module with hot water, dual battery system and solar power. Simply put, the Gecko Camper bridges the gap between a camping solution and a habitable unit, with its plethora of handy features.

Pricing starts from $21,500 (AU$27,000) for the basic model. To find more about the features and the prices, take a gander at Gecko Camper’s online website.

Via: NewAtlas

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