Social Advancement: 3 Ways The World Is Battling Poverty


While developed countries have the infrastructure in place to support their population in terms of safety and security, food and water and other critical areas, this is not the case with developing countries. The population rate in these countries often grows faster than in developed countries, and this means that it is even more difficult for developing countries to keep up with demand in these areas. There are, however, social advancements that are taking place to help these countries’ residents improve their quality of life for those who live in poverty. In many cases, these are life-saving advancements that are helping to sustain life in harsh environments and under extreme circumstances.

Improved Engineering to Provide Clean Drinking Water

Clean drinking water is a luxury that many people in developed countries take for granted. Some of the developing countries with rapid population growth are located in very dry, arid locations, and this makes water even more of a challenge. Engineering feats involving purification and desalinization have dramatically improved the quality of life for many people in areas around the world. These populations now have a steady supply of clean drinking water, and this fulfills a basic need for their survival.

Enhancing Food Production Capabilities

In the most undeveloped countries, hunting and gathering continue to be a primary source of food. However, some people are teaching these populations how to produce their own food through agriculture and other practices. This is reducing the incidence of starving people around the world and helping them to eat more nutritiously throughout the week.

Bringing the Support of Social Workers to Those in Need

While food and water are vital to survival, the quality of life that many people have in developing countries also relates to conditions at home, work opportunities and more. Abuse, drug abuse, rape and other social issues are very common in developing countries, and social workers are actively helping many people in these areas to address the concerns they have regarding these and other serious matters.

Those who live in extreme poverty generally struggle to survive on a daily basis. In most cases, their basic needs for water, food, and shelter are not met with any regularity, and this places these individuals at extreme risk. Social advancements have thankfully improved the lives of millions of people around the world, and they continue to be a positive influence in their lives. While these are only some of the ways social advancements have helped those in need, work continues to benefit these populations in areas around the world.

The post was written by Brooke Chaplan, a freelance writer based in Utah, New Mexico.

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