A Graphical Guide To The Evolution of Digital Comics


The first animated film was introduced as early as the 1930’s. Today, we see improvements in animated films in terms of the technical aspect. The images are better and the sound effects are more stunning. Despite this, a lot of people still love reading comic books.

The appeal of comic books has transcended generations. However, today, digital comic books are more popular. It is still like reading an actual comic book but on a digital platform. It makes reading easier and more fun.

Since you can just read using your mobile devices, you can do it wherever you are. You need not even have an Internet access just to continue reading. Animated films may have been better but digital comics or webtoons still offer a different sensation.

You are like reading and watching videos at the same time. You still flip from one page to another but it does not seem boring. You can hear the voices of the characters or listen to sound effects if you want to. It takes comics to a different level.

The number of people reading webtoons on a daily basis is a proof that it will just keep getting better. They will be more appealing to a wider group of audiences. Even the concept of webtoons started in Asia, they are now a big deal around the world.

Find out more about how webtoons changed over the years and how comics remained relevant until now through the infographic below. It provides tons of ideas that will surely generate your interest.

The Evolution of Digital Comics

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