Good Gadgets: 4 Technologies That Keep Your Family Safe


With developing technology, it is getting easier to protect your family and your home. There are dozens of gadgets available that can help you with security. Some systems are more expensive than others. Here are some of the options available to keep your family safe:

GPS Tracking

You can put a GPS tracker on just about anything. The more common uses are for cars and phones. Some apps even allow you to check on these items. This can be a good way to keep tabs on your kids. Even if your children aren’t old enough for a cell phone, you have options. Try putting a tracker on their bike to keep tabs on where they are going. You can install software on your phone that is linked to your car. This is another way to track the driving habits of your teenager. You can set up alerts if they leave the approved areas or if they are speeding. This may seem invasive, but it can help teenagers to develop better driving habits. If you are really concerned, consider setting up a camera in the car to watch what is happening.

Home Technology Systems

There are different brands of home automation devices available. Some are even linked to home security systems. This offers you a wide range of options. You can remotely lock and unlock your doors. This can be useful if your kids get locked out while you aren’t home. It can even prove beneficial if someone forgot to lock the front door. With a home automation system, you can have lights turn on and off automatically if you are on vacation. You can also use some lights for security purposes without having to turn them on and off yourself. There is also the added benefit of being able to install security cameras with this type of system. You can have your whole home become futuristic.

Abduction Alarm for Kids

For younger children that tend to wander, you can get a child abduction alarm. This is something that you can put in their pocket or have them wear around their neck. It works by sending a signal to a device that you carry. If your child wanders too far away from the receiver, it emits an alarm. You can set the distance that you want your child to be able to wander away from you. This way you won’t be frantically searching for your little wanderer. The alarm will continue to sound until they are back in the acceptable range. With this type of system, you can rest easy that your child won’t become lost in a store. No need to worry about someone taking your kid. The alarm will be loud enough to deter any would-be child snatchers.

Internet Monitoring Programs

The use of the internet is proving to be problematic for many parents. No knowing who your child is talking to on the internet can be dangerous. Internet monitoring allows you to view their history and to put parental controls on their user. You can set time limits as well as restrict certain sites. There is the ability to filter the content that they are viewing. Many of these types of programs even allow you to remotely monitor their computer usage. This is a safety net for your kids. It is still important to teach them the rules that you have regarding internet usage. If something were to happen, you would have a record of any communication that they had with another individual. Relying on this program shouldn’t eliminate teaching them good internet etiquette.

As technology continues to improve, there will be more gadgets available that can keep your family safe. Consider these technologies to protect your family.

The guest post was written by Hannah Whittenly. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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