4 Ways Cloud Technology Impacts Businesses


Cloud technology is being used by more and more businesses because of its numerous benefits. It is particularly helpful for small businesses for a number of reasons. Companies that do not use cloud computing run a greater risk of falling behind their competition. These are just four of the ways that cloud technology has and will continue to seriously impact businesses.

Saves Money

Cloud technology usually saves significant software costs for businesses. This is because cloud software is usually based on a subscription model. These costs do add up over time, however, they often pale in comparison to how expensive desktop versions are. Cloud programs are also always up-to-date, so your organization does not have to worry about upgrading programs every few years. This also contributes to cost savings as well.

Improves Productivity

By its very nature, cloud technology is designed to improve productivity. For example, two employees across the country can access and collaborate on a document in real time. This ease of access can increase productivity and give your employees more time to work together to grow your business. Cloud software products are available for a number of purposes, from document storage to accounting. Various companies, like Maximum Computer Systems, offer Enterprise Resource Planning software which helps businesses allocate their resources effectively. Many of your business’s functions can be automated with cloud technology as well. Specialized services, like NetSuite ERP software consulting, can set that up for you.

Helps Organization

The organization can be a significant obstacle for many businesses. Cloud technology helps with this by allowing businesses to easily create an organization system. Files and information all remain in the cloud so you always know where they are at any time. Cloud technology providers usually offer several plans with differing features. This allows good flexibility for most businesses to find the right cloud technology for their needs.

Improves Security

Major cloud services offer top-notch security. For example, both Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive offer paid business plans that are HIPPA compliant. On the other hand, other levels of service, particularly free ones, do not provide the same level of security. Free cloud storage options from services like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive may not be secure enough for business purposes. Businesses do have to weigh the security risks against the other benefits when switching to a cloud platform.

Cloud technology is undeniably in the future of business. If your business has not looked into it, do so. Your company stands to gain substantially by implementing this revolutionary new tech.

The guest post was written by Hannah Whittenly. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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