Camera Technology: 4 Essential Advances and Accessories


Photography has come a long way over the years. There have been new advances in the technology of the camera itself and the associated accessories. The average person doesn’t even need to purchase a specialized camera with the increase in smartphone improvements. For professional photographers, the accessories are still necessary. Here are some of the accessories that are essential.

Camera Bag

You never need to be without your supplies for any type of condition.Having a photography backpack that is of good quality is essential to the modern photographer. They are designed to be able to store all of the necessary equipment in a safe manner. All you have to do is carry your bag between shots. It also offers your camera the protection that it needs to last for a long time. Some photography backpacks are more functional than others. An over the shoulder pack allows you to have easy access to capture those impromptu shots. For a more comfortable bag, the sling style is available. Photography equipment can start to get heavy. You should be able to carry your gear in comfort. A good quality bag will likely last you the life of your camera.

Tripod Technology

Tripods have improved over the years. They still offer you the basic ability to capture a good shot no matter the terrain. You won’t have to worry about ruining your photo due to movement. Not having blurry photos allows you to focus on the art of photography. Make sure to purchase a good quality tripod. You don’t want one that will trip over in the slightest breeze. There is the choice between aluminum and carbon fiber. The aluminum is cheaper, but it is also lighter. The carbon fiber will cost a little more, but it is of a better quality. The downside is that it’s heavier to pack around. Select a tripod that will work with you. For long treks to a location, you might want to go with the lighter model.

Lenses and Filters

Additional lenses and filters can help you change the quality of the photograph. With the advances in digital cameras, this may seem like a dying art. You can just make these adjustments after the photo has been taken on your computer. For the true photographer, going to the source is still the best way. You won’t be able to digitally replicate a wider shot, or capture the colors that are available in nature. Having these extra lenses and filters offers you the versatility of creating the perfect shot. No manipulation needed to impress your audience. Technology has made these filters and lenses easier to install on cameras. Some lenses even have the ability to take pictures in near dark conditions. This low light lens may become the wave of the future.

Extended Life Batteries

Technology has drastically improved the quality of the batteries that are available. These batteries are able to last longer. This offers you the opportunity for long photo shoots without having to change out the battery. Many of these batteries are even moving towards rechargeable technology. While it is a good idea to have an extra battery available for your camera, it may not be necessary. The next step in battery technology is to develop a battery that will automatically recharge. This will eliminate the waste that it associated with discarded batteries. As improvements are made in this field, it has wide-ranging implications across many industries. Photography is just a small percent of how improved batteries will make a difference.

There have been many advancements in photography since its inception. There will likely continue to be more as technology improves. Becoming a photographer may become easier.

The guest post was written by Rachelle Wilber. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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