Tech Catalysts: 3 Industries Exploding With Modern Innovations


When you think of the tech industry, your first thought might be of new inventions that have come out of big players like Google and their watch or perhaps innovations having to do with something more obscure. The truth of the matter is that technology isn’t just one conglomerate of ideas put to use on one goal. Technology has many sub-branches that leak into many fields of science. Here are three key industries that have seen some impressive growth in the past few years.

Medical and Hospice

Technological innovations have massively benefited the medical industry. The healthcare industry as a whole is an ever expanding and complicated industry that has always seen major advancements to help tackle the industry’s most pressing issues. There is a lot of enthusiasm surrounding wearable technology, which will allow healthcare professionals dealing with hospital information management keep better track of details, such as a patient’s vitals.

Real-time tracking can help all of those involved in the medical industry. Nurses can keep track of what is going on with patients and can be informed of any irregularities at the drop of a hat. The future of health information management depends on these types of technologies working out any kinks or bugs through years of trial and error. Still, medical professionals everywhere are hopeful for the future of medical technology making their profession all the more efficient.

Entertainment Industries

There are some major tech advancements that are totally transforming the way that people take part in their entertainment. You may have already heard of VR (virtual reality) devices and how the entertainment industry has been cooking up new and innovative ways to take advantage of the idea. Video game companies have been combining VR with other technologies, such as motion tracking, in order to bring their fans a new experience to test the senses as they step ever closer to total immersion technologies.

Educational Progression

The very classrooms of children, teens, and young adults everywhere have been changing steadily over the past decade. Educators are finding new ways to provide relevant teaching materials to their students in a way that will connect to them more efficiently. This has come in the form of educational apps, social media platforms, the use of smart devices in class, and online educational tools.

Outside of k-12, technological advances are helping young adults, and old adults, to obtain a higher level of education without giving up work and family commitments. Most schools now offer online programs that give the same degrees with more flexibility in schedule. For example, a busy nurse, like those we mentioned up above, can work and earn an online RN to BSN degree at the same time.

As technology continues to expand beyond the limits of what we can currently perceive, we will continue to see growth in all three of the industries mentioned here. These industries and many others are not likely to see a slowing down of growth anytime soon and we can only look to the future with an open mind in anticipation of what else is to come.

The post was written by Brooke Chaplan, a freelance writer based in Utah, New Mexico.

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