Infographic: Crucial Cyber Security Lessons From Pop Culture

Hacking-Cyber security-1

Hacking has become increasingly popular throughout the last 50 years or so. It is usually a man dressed in all black, sporting sunglasses inside a dark basement. He is typing at an unreasonable speed to access the information in order to take over the world. In any case, Hollywood hacking has a reputation for being ridiculous. For instance, hacking is usually not instantaneous, and hackers are most definitely not wearing sunglasses in the dark. Realistically, hacking can take time and research must occur before the hacker can begin.

While Hollywood has made some humorous attempts at portraying hackers, some have been successful at educating and informing viewers on cyber security as a whole. That’s why Panda Security has put together an interesting visual on cyber security lessons from pop culture. From Ferris Bueller’s infamous school hacking scene to Blackhat’s spear phishing hack, they break down what’s possible and what’s just plain outrageous.

Read below to learn more about some of pop culture’s best and worst hacking scenes.

Hacking-Cyber security-1

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