Brilliant Infographic Lists The Most Prolific Super Dads Of The Marvel Universe

Marvel-Super Dads

Throughout nearly all the various stories and tales of world-famous comic book franchise Marvel, the concept of family has been one of their most enduring themes. For many characters, their family is an important part of their backstory: would Peter Parker be the same Spider-Man we all know and love if it weren’t for the death of Uncle Ben teaching him that “with great power comes great responsibility”? For other characters, family is an important part of their driving motivations, such as Luke Cage’s desire to protect his daughter and wife.

It was Father’s Day recently, and to celebrate this, the people at MyOffers put together an interesting infographic depicting the connections of all the fathers with two or more offspring in the main Marvel universe (616). Doing so allowed them to unearth some surprising familial relationships.

The most astonishing father and family revelation in the infographic is that of the highly popular character Loki, who apparently has 6 children. However, what is surprising is not the number of children, nor is it the fact that one of his offspring is a horse named Sleipnir (Loki does originate from Norse mythology, after all). What’s truly startling is that Loki gave birth to Sleipnir, making him the mother!

The creators of this infographic also included every character’s superpowers and put in bold the superpowers that fathers had in common with their children. In doing so, they’ve illustrated which offspring received their powers from their fathers (genetically or otherwise) and which offspring found themselves taking a different path.

Read on to find out more character connections. Does your favorite superhero make an appearance? You can find the original post of the infographic here.

The article was contributed by James McCrea of Screaming Frog. 

Featured Image Credit: Consequence of Sound

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