About Us


Making its debut in 2014, HEXAPOLIS is envisioned as an online digest meant to cover the varied fields that tread the expansive spectrum of human interest – from fascinating historical expositions, incredible architectural creations to the latest developments in the fields of science and geekdom. As can be comprehended from these immensely diverse avenues, our aim is to dedicate equal attention and capacity to the wide range of compelling human endeavors, whether they were achieved in the past, present or are to be achieved in the future.

To that end, HEXAPOLIS in itself pertains to ‘Hex’, which represents six, while ‘Polis’ means city – both in Ancient Greek. The ‘Hex’ signifies the six categories covered by us – History, Architecture, Design, The Amazing Realm, Geek-o-polis and Science and Tech. And, all of them reside in the ‘Polis’ of our ever expanding online digest.

Hence as a reader of HEXAPOLIS, one can expect to come across richly detailed and useful articles, lists, summaries and even myth-busters related to any of the aforementioned subjects. In essence, our goal stretches to the coverage of momentous projects, actions, facts and ideas that have made (or at least, have the potential to make) their mark in the vast and variegated corridors of our planet’s ecosystem – concerning both man-made and natural arenas.