Articles by Alok Banerjee


Algae Dome takes in sunlight to produce both superfood and oxygen

There is more to this art installation beyond its alluring geometrical arrangement. Designed by the resourceful folks over at SPACE10, a Copenhagen-based future-living lab, the 13-ft tall Algae Dome has been envisaged as a food-producing mechanism that can also supply oxygen within a closed loop system. (more…)


Gecko Camper bridges the gap between a camping solution and mobile habitation

There is more to this delivery truck than that meets the eye. The Gecko Camper hauls with itself a full fledged two-story living solution. The impressive habitable scope entails a range of features, including roof-top tents, pop-up campers and truck canopies. In essence, the design is not only tailored to your camping trips but also…