Articles by Alok Banerjee


Finnish researchers have created edible protein from electricity

An incredible collaborative effort from scientists at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, has resulted in a batch of single-cell protein. And while this achievement may seem redundant, we must clarify that this protein was created by simply utilizing energy and matter like electricity and carbon dioxide. In essence,…


Iran now boasts the world’s largest bookstore – the Tehran Book Garden

When it comes to the sheer numbers game, a gargantuan academic complex in Tehran impresses with its astronomical 700,000 sq ft area. Just to put things into perspective, this massive indoor space with green-roofing segments is equivalent to the size of more than 12 American football fields. Aptly christened as the Book Garden, the spatial…


Animation presents the 10 most powerful military forces of the world

In the modern context, when political clamor plays its agitating role amidst economic upheavals in various parts of the world, the scenarios tend to become more volatile. And when volatility lends to widespread jingoism, we tend to hear various public statements like - 'our military can triumph others' and so forth. However beyond sparring statements,…


The Cylinder House is built ‘around’ the trees for spatial efficiency

A volume based on a cylinder - this notion is pretty rare when it comes to the field of architecture. However the creative firm Town and Concrete has envisaged an entire residential structure (to be constructed in 2019) based upon modular cylindrical spaces that would encompass around a substantial 3,000 sq ft area. (more…)


Watch: Megabots unveils their giant robot Eagle Prime in a boisterous style

Back in 2015, a challenge was issued forth from the US-based robotics company, Megabots Inc. to its Japanese competitor, Suidobashi Heavy Industry. The scope entailed an exhilarating match-up between two giant robots for the first time in the world. And now, two years later, Megabots have followed up on their 'call to arms' with the…


Lockheed Martin to repurpose cargo module for their NextSTEP habitat in space

Back in 2015, we talked about how a group of six volunteers embarked on a practice mission for Mars, which required them to reside inside a dome-like habitat on the slopes of Hawaii's Mauna Loa volcano. Well this time around, shifting our focus from the humans to the habitat technology itself, Lockheed Martin is all…