Articles by Dattatreya Mandal


MIT researchers create nanobionic glowing plants that are actually living

With the byline of "nanobionic plants might one day replace some electrical lighting", MIT scientists had taken the first step towards truly 'organic' lighting. To that end, a group of researchers led by postdoc Seon-Yeong Kwak has successfully embedded particular types of nanoparticles into the leaves of a watercress plant. This experiment resulted in what…


The mysterious case of the “3000-year old castle” beneath Lake Van

The romanticism associated with sunken cities and palaces hold true across numerous fables and folklore from around the world. Well, this time around, some researchers were greeted with the 'real stuff' in the form of an allegedly 3000-year old castle beneath Lake Van - the second largest lake in the Middle East, located just within…


4 advanced hydroponic solutions you should know about

The core technology of modern-day hydroponics relates to the nourishment of plants without the requirement of soil. In essence, it refers to a space-saving solution that makes use of mineral nutrient solutions in water, as opposed to 'wasteful' land and farms. And while this technological ambit may seem to be out of the bounds of…


Living Light: An LED lamp entirely powered by an organic living plant

Last week we talked about how researchers have successfully contrived living cyanobacteria-based bio-solar panels that can harvest tiny bits of electricity. Well, this time around, we have come across a design based on the same principle of photosynthesis, albeit with a more visual flair. To that end, Dutch designer Ermi van Oers has crafted (in…


Nanocomposite materials can pave the way for fusion power plants

On the theoretical level, fusion, the process that fuels the sun, can provide unlimited clean energy for humanity. However, fusion-based power plants have seemingly been out of range from the realm of practicality, simply because scientists are not aware of many materials that could survive the punishing conditions concocted inside a fusion nuclear reactor. But…


A Graphical Guide To The Evolution of Digital Comics

The first animated film was introduced as early as the 1930’s. Today, we see improvements in animated films in terms of the technical aspect. The images are better and the sound effects are more stunning. Despite this, a lot of people still love reading comic books. (more…)


Researchers concoct living cyanobacteria-based wallpaper bio-solar panels

Biologically, cyanobacteria are the only photosynthetic prokaryotes (unicellular organisms without nucleus and mitochondria) that have the ability to produce oxygen. And interestingly enough, these photosynthetic micro-organisms have been existing on Earth for billions of years, and are considered as one of the driving forces behind the oxygen-rich environment of our planet. And now, scientists are…


Functional Layout: 4 Tips to Ensure Your Website is User-Friendly

No matter what type of website you have in mind, the response from your users plays a critical role in your success. Visitors that have a positive experience are more likely to purchase, make referrals, or do whatever you need from them. Unhappy visitors may never come back. There are a few tips to create…


Social Advancement: 3 Ways The World Is Battling Poverty

While developed countries have the infrastructure in place to support their population in terms of safety and security, food and water and other critical areas, this is not the case with developing countries. The population rate in these countries often grows faster than in developed countries, and this means that it is even more difficult…