Articles by Dattatreya Mandal

Architects Build Modular House By Stacking Structures Like Tetris Blocks-1

Architects to build modular house by stacking structures like Tetris blocks

We've all heard of modular kitchens, furniture and even pop-up tents that can be zipped up into larger spaces. As  part of their latest project, the team at Netherlands-based Universe Architecture has brought the convenience of modular designs to the time-consuming process of home construction. The Tretris House, as its name suggests, is an incredibly…


Amazing photo shows fish trapped inside a jellyfish

A fascinating natural phenomenon that has not yet been fully understood by scientists has been captured on camera for the first time last year. Taken somewhere off the coast of Australia's Byron Bay, the amazing photograph shows an entire fish trapped inside a jellyfish. (more…)

Stunning Geodesic Planters Levitate To Create Amazing Air Gardens-1

LYFE: Stunning geodesic planters that levitate to create amazing air gardens

Instead of relying on soil like normal greenery, Tillandsia, also called air plants, are known to absorb nutrients from air through their leaves, rendering their roots useless. A team of Swedish designers have come up with a new and innovative vessel for these unusual plants. Known as LYFE, the levitating vessels keep the plants floating…


Brilliant 3D animations show the sheer majesty of ancient Babylon

When it comes to the historically rich region of Mesopotamia, Babylon is arguably the most renowned of all cities. An ancient settlement that harks back to the dominions of Sargon of Akkad (circa 24th century BC), Babylon possibly started out as a small town in the backdrop of mighty cities like Ur, Uruk and Nippur.…


Archaeologists come across a ‘jovial’ skeleton mosaic in Turkey

People did have sense of humor (with a dash of hedonism) in the 3rd century BC, or around 2,300 years ago. At least that is what is evident from an incredible ancient mosaic recently discovered in Hatay, a Turkish province that just borders Syria from the north. Th artwork in question features a seemingly 'cheerful'…

Designers At Bel & Bel Upcycle Vintage Vespas Into Trendy Chairs-1

Designers at Bel & Bel upcycle vintage Vespas into trendy office chairs

Bored of the furniture currently crowding your office? With the new Scooter Chair, you can now transform your work space into a trendy office of the future. Designed by the team at Spanish studio Bel & Bel, as part of a limited edition series, this brilliantly unconventional swivel chair uses the original parts of the Vespa motorbike.…

Central Park Envisions As Expansive Bedrock-Covered Landscape-1

New York Horizon envisions Central Park as a bedrock-covered structure surrounded by 1000-foot glass walls

While the rest of the world is moving towards “skyscraperization”, designers Jianshi Wu and Yitan Sun are promoting a radically different idea: digging New York’s Central Park to uncover the mountain-like bedrocks lying underneath. Winner of this year’s eVolo Skyscraper Competition, their proposal, called New York Horizon, envisions the 1.3-square-mile urban park as a multi-functional…