Articles by Dattatreya Mandal

Kris J B's Mount Fuji shot

The nigh perfect shot of Mount Fuji, without Mount Fuji!

Remember the story of the spider and Robert Bruce? Well, the simple moral dictum is also applicable in the case of photographer Kris J B, as he ultimately succeeded in the capturing the magnificent shot of the Mount Fuji - or rather the glorious shadow of this fascinating monument of nature. (more…)


Mesmerizing historical photos colorized in realistic manner

Modern history speaks in color - by the painstaking efforts of numerous artists like Jordan Lloyd, Dana Keller, Sanna Dullaway and others. Most of these fascinating photographs are from the era of late 19th century to the early half of the 20th century. (more…)


Decimation – An ominous word we avoid, and the Romans feared!

In our modern context, the very term 'decimation' pertains to the utter destruction of a habitat, populace or even an eco-system. But as it turns out, a few Roman generals purposefully enacted the method of decimation as disciplinary punishment for their legions! (more…)

Shaun Hughes_carved nickel_1

Shaun Hughes’s coin carvings depict exalted characters from our pop-culture

A few days ago, we talked about a special silver coin issue which might be the only surviving medium that portrays the great Alexander from his own lifetime. But what about greatness being depicted (albeit fictional 'greatness') from our modern-era? Well, artist-extraordinaire Shaun Hughes surely succeeds in that endeavor, with his collection of carved nickels…

HARKEN car-based system

The advanced HARKEN car-based system alerts drivers about their fatigue levels

The 'comical' trope of a driver falling asleep at the wheels has been done to death in popular media. Fortunately, a team of European scientists are developing a car-based system that might prevent accidental automobile oriented deaths in real-time. The consortium behind the incredible project has christened the technological application as HARKEN or Heart and…

Vespa 150 TAP_2

Vespa 150 TAP: Yes, Vespa had its boisterous days too!

The very word 'Vespa' generates gleeful reveries of an adorable scooter scooting through those sun-kissed boulevards, while you and your lady-friend are wearing casuals with a bohemian flair. However, the above pictured Vespa 150 TAP (or Troupes Aéro Portées) certainly derails your peaceful thought train, with its bad-ass bearing that boasts of a three-inch recoil-less rifle,…