Articles by Dattatreya Mandal

Forest Retreat

Forest Retreat: A modernistic man-made habitat secured by natural elements

The exemplification of a modernistic structure nestled in a sylvan natural environment - this in a nutshell describes the 'Forest Retreat', a simple architectural rendition from Czech studio Uhlik Architekti. The 'piece de resistance' of this fascinating scope is interestingly an integral part of the rustic site - a jutting rock that provides the support…


Sorry Spartans, it was the Persians who shaped the first recorded human rights!

Popular media and movies might sing a different tune of cultural dominance. But fortunately beyond abhorrent racism and fantastical rhinoceroses, historical evidences are still there to record the unbiased set of events. To that end, as it turns out - it was actually the Persians who concretely devised the first ethical guidelines pertaining to the…