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New supertetrahedral aluminum is potentially four-times lighter than its regular counterpart

The third most abundant element in our earth, while also being the most abundant metal in the crust, aluminum has its fair share of property-based advantages, ranging from durability, malleability to corrosion resistance and conductivity (along with superconductivity). And now, one can potentially add intrinsic lightness to the list of 'assets', beyond the foil form…

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Iran now boasts the world’s largest bookstore – the Tehran Book Garden

When it comes to the sheer numbers game, a gargantuan academic complex in Tehran impresses with its astronomical 700,000 sq ft area. Just to put things into perspective, this massive indoor space with green-roofing segments is equivalent to the size of more than 12 American football fields. Aptly christened as the Book Garden, the spatial…

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