Italian Architect Stefano Boeri To Build World's First Forest City In China-5

Italian architect Stefano Boeri to build world’s first forest city in China boasting 1 million plants

In the last few years, we have come across several futuristic city concepts that are based primarily on sustainability and self-sufficiency. The team at RAW-NYC Architects, for instance, is currently working to transform the micronation of Liberland into a verdant city-state that runs entirely on algae-derived energy. As part of a more recent project, Milan-based…

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French Government Unveils World's Very First Solar Panel-Fitted Road-2

French government unveils world’s very first solar panel-fitted road

Back in February of this year, we revealed France's plan to install solar panels on 1,000 km of its roads. As part of that initiative, the country's Minister of Environment Marie-Ségolène Royal recently unveiled what they are claiming is the world's very first solar road. Extending over a distance of one kilometer, the pathway in…

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