Casa Ladera_Baroque Fantasia_1

Casa Ladera – The ‘Baroque Fantasia’ that will set you back by $23 million

Ostentatious, intricate and a tad gaudy? Well, these adjectives may pretty much define the eclectic Casa Ladera, but they don't even begin to describe the grandiosely built 10,136 sq ft Spanish Colonial residence. Located in a 3-acre estate in Pebble Beach, California; the 'in your face' decor of the Robert D. Farquhar-designed house mainly comprises…

Moon Hoon_Star Wars House_1

The force is certainly strong with Moon Hoon studio’s “Star Wars House”

Previously, the Star Wars-inspired Sandcrawler HQ bamboozled us with its sheer imposing scale. But this time around, the huge scale makes way for utter whimsicality with the Moon Hoon studio's "Star Wars House". The South Korean architectural firm is known for its wacky creations, and in this scenario the designers have used their eccentric expertise…


The advanced H2OME will provide underwater habitation with dollops of luxury

Captain Nemo extensively roamed underwater in his submarine/fortress in the realm of literature, Rapture was an entire underwater city in the realm of video games; but what have we got to show in real-life for all these fantastical creations that seemingly mirror our 'underlying' desire to reside below water? Well, the aptly named H2OME might…

Modscape_Cliff House

Modscape’s conceptual ‘Cliff House’ poses as a real cliffhanger!

A couple came across the romantic notion of having a snug shelter in one of those secluded, ocean-hugging zones in the province of Victoria, Australia. Design firm Modscape Concept gave them something more fantastical in the form of the aptly (and rather unpretentiously) named Cliff House. The extreme layout of the abode entails a 'suspended'…

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