10 amazing buildings inspired by Tolkien-esque Hobbit Homes

The bucolic Tolkien-esque influence seems to be very much alive even in our modern day - not only fueled by the success of the gloriously descriptive books, but also encouraged by their magnificent adaptations on the silver screen. And, when we talk about the exalted J.R.R. Tolkien, we must also raise our hats to the…

Summer house_Vestfold

The ‘seamless’ Summer House by Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Architects

Disparate yet modernist, subtle yet expansive - this is the 'Summer House', constructed along the coast of Vestfold in the very southern region of Norway. The handiwork of Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Architects, the house is designed as a seamless extension of the rocky surrounding. Interestingly, there is more than symbolism to this setting-inspired building, as the…


The 12 most fantastical houses from around the world

A well designed building is sometimes seen as an physical extension of an architect's vision. And, what if the architect believed in something more fantastical than the regular servings of modernist and vernacular homes? Well, then this list occurs! So, without further ado, let us check out the twelve most eccentrically designed homes from around our…

River Road House_florida

River Road House: A contemporary lesson in diaphanous elegance

Diaphanous volumes encapsulated within solid facades - this in a nutshell defines the River Road House from Hughes Umbanhowar Architects. The posh looking building in Sewall’s Point, Florida, does cover a lot of floor area with the actual figure coming at around 12,300 sq foot (1,135 sq m). But what really entices us is how…

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