Baubotanik A Living, Breathing Tower Built Using An Actual Tree-1

German architect builds Baubotanik, a living, breathing tower using an actual tree

In a bid to protect trees and the fast-dwindling forest cover, architect Ferdinand Ludwig has come up with the brilliant concept the calls Baubotanik. Instead of using timber for building houses, Ludwig proposes erecting a living, breathing structure that relies on an actual tree for support. The innovative technique combines tree shaping and the latest…

Solar-Powered Pipe Could Produce 1.5 Billion Gallons Of Drinking Water-1

This solar-powered pipe could produce 1.5 gallons of drinking water for drought-stricken California

To improve conditions in drought-stricken California, the organizers of this year's Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) recently invited artists, designers and architects to come up with innovative plans for the Santa Monica Pier that could produce energy for electricity as well as clean drinking water, while also being aesthetically pleasing. One of the finalists in…

Architects Build Modular House By Stacking Structures Like Tetris Blocks-1

Architects to build modular house by stacking structures like Tetris blocks

We've all heard of modular kitchens, furniture and even pop-up tents that can be zipped up into larger spaces. As  part of their latest project, the team at Netherlands-based Universe Architecture has brought the convenience of modular designs to the time-consuming process of home construction. The Tretris House, as its name suggests, is an incredibly…

This Building Features Walls Fitted With Motion-Sensing Displays-3

Washington DC building features motion-sensing, audio-playing walls fitted with giant interactive displays

Innovation, be it in science, technology or design, is a constantly-evolving process. Architects, for instance, are continually trying to re-imagine things that are otherwise commonplace and forgettable. As part of a new project, the team at Manhattan-based ESI Design has transfigured boring, white walls into incredibly futuristic displays that can change colors in response to…

China's Seashore Chapel Looks Like A Floating Ship At High Tide

China’s ethereal Seashore Chapel looks like a floating ship during high tide

Located in the picturesque coastal town of Beidaihe in China, the enchantingly beautiful Seashore Chapel transports visitors to an almost ethereal world of blue sky, pristine sea, bright sunlight and sandy vistas. Designed by the team at Vector Architects, this stunning white structure is fashioned in the shape of an old shipwrecked boat, standing atop…

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