Liberland Envisioned As World's First Algae-Powered Micronation-3

Architects envisions Liberland as the world’s first algae-powered micronation

With the world increasingly turning to renewable energy, the brilliant minds at RAW-NYC Architects are working towards a future, where an entire city will be powered sustainably with the help of algae. The proposal, which recently won an international design competition, envisions Liberland as the world's first sovereign nation to run entirely on algae-derived energy.…

Washington's Hobbit Hole Boasts Innovative Off-Grid design-2

Washington’s enchanting Hobbit Hole boasts a sustainable, off-grid design

Here at HEXAPOLIS, we have come across some enchanting hobbit homes that are the perfect destination for Tolkien fans. Adding to the list is the spectacular Washington Hobbit Hole, designed by tiny house builder Kristie Wolfe. Located in the state of Washington, this idyllic off-grid dwelling looks straight out of Middle-earth. (more…)

Designers Build Modular Homes Using Recyclable Cardboard-1

Dutch designers build spectacular modular homes using recyclable cardboard

Growing up, haven't we all built cardboard playhouses for our dolls? The brilliant minds at Netherlands-based Fiction Factory have constructed full-sized, livable modular homes using cardboard as the primary building material. Designed to last over 50 years, the Wikkelhouse (meaning, "Wrapping House") is completely recyclable and, can be customized according to the owners' preferences. The result…

Central Park Envisions As Expansive Bedrock-Covered Landscape-1

New York Horizon envisions Central Park as a bedrock-covered structure surrounded by 1000-foot glass walls

While the rest of the world is moving towards “skyscraperization”, designers Jianshi Wu and Yitan Sun are promoting a radically different idea: digging New York’s Central Park to uncover the mountain-like bedrocks lying underneath. Winner of this year’s eVolo Skyscraper Competition, their proposal, called New York Horizon, envisions the 1.3-square-mile urban park as a multi-functional…

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