The enormous 82-feet Moon Rabbit naps atop an abandoned airport hangar in Taiwan

Leaning against an aircraft hangar at an abandoned naval base in the Taoyuan County of Taiwan is a gargantuan rabbit, measuring up to 82-feet( 25-meter) in height. Created for the Chinese Mid-Autumn  Festival, this impressive white bunny, a.k.a. the Moon Rabbit, is what is attracting thousands of visitors from across the world. (more…)

Casulo: A nondescript box that conceals an entirely furnished room inside it!

With the increasingly rapid pace of modern life, the need for compact, lightweight and multi-functional furniture, that are convenient as well as comfortable, is greater than ever before. Keeping that in mind, Germany-based design and furniture brand Casulo has created the "room-in-a-box", an innovative take on conventional furniture products, that actually facilitates the concept of mobile…