European cities_food art

Scrumptious food art depicting various romantic European cities

Food art generating those pleasant cityscapes - well that seems to be nifty idea behind this delectable project from food stylist Anna Keville Joyce and photographer Agustín Nieto. The sapid collaborative effort was commissioned by the travel-oriented site Foodie Backpacker, and the results are appetizingly fascinating to say the least. (more…)


By the love of Zeus, ‘The Cloud’ is a thunderstorm mimicking lamp!

We all know about motion sensor light; you know, the kind that can turn itself on or off in response to any movement in the room, or lack thereof. But how about ones that also play audio in the background? Enter "The Cloud" lamp by designer Richard Clarkson, a smart lighting and sound system that…

Nicolas Delort_artwork_8

Nicolas Delort’s artworks entail black ink being etched off canvas surfaces!

Nicolas Delort's artworks are black and beautiful! Giving a wondrous twist to the conventional notion of adding paint to create a painting, the French-Canadian artist rather removes paint to create his incredible masterpieces! How so? Well, our crafty artist uses a unique technique termed as scratchboard, which requires one to apply to black ink to…

Gerry Judah_ automotive_installation_Mercedes_FOS

Gerry Judah’s mammoth Mercedes automotive installation flaunts its finesse

Almost looking like the great Gateway Arch with zooming automobiles on its grand curve - this incredible sculptural/architectural masterpiece is the handiwork of artist Gerry Judah. The imposing installation was unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (FOS), a three-day festival that is held every year in the estate of the historical Goodwood House in…

Matthew Simmonds_marble_miniature_monuments

Matthew Simmonds’s marble works deftly replicate historical monuments

In spite of marble's seemingly hard credentials, the metamorphic rock was/is the favorite of sculptors around the world because of its working 'softness'. The very nature of marble makes it easier to carve, while its homogeneity endows the much needed uniformity to the resultant sculpture. Britisher Matthew Simmonds must know this better than many people,…

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