Company Designs Energy-Harvesting Pavement From Recycled Plastic-1

Hungarian company designs energy-harvesting, modular pavement from recycled plastic

Companies around the world are invested in developing versatile pavements that are sturdy enough to walk on, while also being able to produce clean, usable energy. The French government, for instance, is planning to build around 1,000 kilometers of solar panel-fitted road within the next five years. The concept behind Hungary-based startup Platio's energy-harvesting pavements…


Fermentalg’s zero-electricity lamp is powered by carbon dioxide-absorbing microalgae

French innovator Pierre Calleja has crafted a stunning lamp that actually does the work of 150 to 200 trees, when it comes to cutting down environmentally-harmful carbon dioxide emissions. Designed to illuminate streets and parking garages, this ingenious contraption uses zero electricity, running entirely on the energy produced by bioluminescent green microalgae during photosynthesis. These…


Filip Janssens’ Rupture: A brilliantly modern storage unit that finds beauty in asymmetry

There is a kind of beauty in asymmetry and disarray that uniformity fails to achieve, and that is what Belgian interior designer Filip Janssens's latest project best exemplifies. Titled 'Rupture', the collection includes a series of custom-made storage units that are brilliantly modern, yet practical. Each of these wooden shelves features a strategically-placed "crack" that…


Israeli startup designs ingenious contraption that extracts clean water from air

To alleviate the burgeoning problem of water scarcity, scientists around the globe are developing new and advanced technologies that look for clean water in unusual places. In March of this year, for instance, Morocca-based NGO Dar Si Hmad (DSH) installed the world's largest fog harvester in the arid Aït Baâmrane region. Recently, Israeli startup Water-Gen has…


Newly-developed wind turbine could power Japan for 50 years from a single typhoon

Ever since the Fukushima Daiichi disaster back in 2011, Japan is becoming increasingly dependent on other countries to meet its energy requirements. As a solution for the nation's growing green energy problem, engineer Atsushi Shimizu has designed the world's very first wind turbine that harnesses usable power from typhoons. Shaped like an egg beater, this…

This Small Device Uses Sunlight To Disinfect Water Within Minutes-2

This small rectangular device uses sunlight to disinfect water within minutes

In a world where as many as 1.2 billion people live without proper access to clean water, scientists are striving to develop new technologies of water purification that are not only efficient but also inexpensive. Researchers at Stanford University, for instance, have come up with an innovative device that can disinfect water in a matter of…

F.Domes Unveils Geodesic Domes That You Can Set Up Within Hours-7

F.Domes unveils spectacular geodesic domes that you can set up within hours

A couple of months back, we brought to you the spectacular geodesic cabins by Freedomes that allow guests to gaze at the Northern Lights without compromising on comfort. The company, which has been designing event domes for nearly a decade now, has recently unveiled a line of stunning, easy-to-install dome kits that are surprisingly cheap.…

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