Indian Teenager designs Innovative Human-Powered Washing Machine-1

Indian teenager designs innovative human-powered washing machine from defunct bike parts

Hailing from India, Remya Jose was just another 14-year-old, when she fashioned an innovative pedal-driven washing machine out of recycled bicycle parts. Intended for families living without access to electricity, the concept was originally conceived when Jose and her twin sister were required to do household chores after their mother’s health deteriorated. Jose is a…

Hippo Rollers Make Clean Water More Accessible In Rural Africa-5

Hippo Water Rollers make clean water more accessible to people in rural Africa

Water scarcity is a very real problem for people residing in rural parts of Africa and elsewhere. Even today, millions live without proper access to clean water, having to walk several miles each day to collect safe, drinking water. Originally developed back in 1991, the Hippo Water Roller makes the task of carrying large amounts…

Danish Company Builds Innovative Wind Turbine With 12 Blades-3

Danish company Vestas builds innovative wind turbine with 12 blades

The demand for eco-friendly wind power has increased drastically in recent years, with countries around the world looking for new ways of improving this technology while also reducing costs. At present, transporting wind turbines is quite an expensive affair, which eventually adds to the costs of wind energy. In an attempt to lower such expenses, Denmark-based…

Alite's Sierra Shack Pop-up Tent Boasts Innovative Modular Design-1

Alite’s Sierra Shack pop-up tent boasts ingenious modular design

When it comes to camping, simplicity is always the key. Created by the brilliant minds at Alite, the new Sierra Shack pop-up tent comes with all the fun of tenting, without any of the inconvenience of having to set up complicated, multi-step tents. Boasting an innovative, modular design, this durable shelter pops up in an instant,…

The Innovative HyperSound Glass Speakers Play Sounds Only For You-1

The Innovative HyperSound Glass Speakers Play Sounds Only For You!

Over the years, we have come across all kinds of speakers, from cloud-shaped ones all the way to gramophone-style speakers carved from discarded liquor barrels. None however is as innovative as the new HyperSound speakers by the engineers at Turtle Beach. These transparent glass speakers boast directional audio, meaning that when they play music it is likely for…

Stunning Geodesic Planters Levitate To Create Amazing Air Gardens-1

LYFE: Stunning geodesic planters that levitate to create amazing air gardens

Instead of relying on soil like normal greenery, Tillandsia, also called air plants, are known to absorb nutrients from air through their leaves, rendering their roots useless. A team of Swedish designers have come up with a new and innovative vessel for these unusual plants. Known as LYFE, the levitating vessels keep the plants floating…

Artist Fashions Gramophone-Shaped Speaker From Old Liquor Barrel-3

Artist fashions gramophone-shaped speaker out of discarded liquor barrel

Here at HEXAPOLIS, it has never failed to amaze us how artists and designers can transform things that are discarded, lackluster and worn out into brilliantly mesmerizing creations. For his latest project, Jordan Waraksa of Fiddle + Hammer upcycled an old liquor barrel into a stunning antique-looking speaker. Dubbed as Bellaphone, the speaker's body is…

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