New Rail-Bound Vehicle Breaks World Record For Energy Efficiency-1

New rail-bound vehicle by Swedish students breaks world record for energy efficiency

Sweden-based University of Dalarna has recently announced an important achievement that could revolutionize the transport industry. Students at the university have designed an innovative rail-bound vehicle that has in fact set a new world record when it comes to energy efficiency. What is more, the design was awarded the first prize at the Delsbo Electric…

UMMS Doctors Gearing Up To Revive Google Glass For Use In The ER-1

UMMS doctors are gearing up to revive Google Glass for use in the ER

Remember Google Glass, the much-hyped head-mounted display that was launched back in 2012 via a shocking skydiving stunt? Despite the amount of time and money spent by the tech giant, the project failed to be commercially successfully, resulting in the discontinuation of the $1,500 contraption in January of 2015. It seems, however, that the smart…

Nifty Earpiece Can Translate Virtually Any language In Real-Time-1

Pilot: Nifty earpiece that can translate virtually any language in real-time

If you have ever grappled with a foreign tongue while traveling, there's a nifty new wearable technology that promises real-time translation of virtually any language. Known as the Pilot, this innovative earpiece could allow speakers of different languages to converse with one another, without having to explain through gestures. Designed by New York-based Waverly Labs,…

Designers At Bel & Bel Upcycle Vintage Vespas Into Trendy Chairs-1

Designers at Bel & Bel upcycle vintage Vespas into trendy office chairs

Bored of the furniture currently crowding your office? With the new Scooter Chair, you can now transform your work space into a trendy office of the future. Designed by the team at Spanish studio Bel & Bel, as part of a limited edition series, this brilliantly unconventional swivel chair uses the original parts of the Vespa motorbike.…

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