Watch: Megabots unveils their giant robot Eagle Prime in a boisterous style

Back in 2015, a challenge was issued forth from the US-based robotics company, Megabots Inc. to its Japanese competitor, Suidobashi Heavy Industry. The scope entailed an exhilarating match-up between two giant robots for the first time in the world. And now, two years later, Megabots have followed up on their 'call to arms' with the…


Amazing video showcases the evolution of video games from 1962 – 2017

Ranging from the iconic Space Invaders, retro Pacman to the insightful Half-life and expansive GTA V, the incredible video compiled by YouTuber Data Radar covers a wide spectrum of critically lauded games over a period of 55 years. And of course, as can be the genuine case, there are instances where one would feel that…

This Batmobile-esque Behemoth Is NASA's Latest Mars Rover Concept-1

This six-wheeled Batmobile-esque behemoth is NASA’s latest Mars rover concept

NASA’s latest concept rover is a sleek, six-wheeled behemoth that looks uncannily similar to the Batmobile. Recently unveiled at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, the futuristic vehicle of four boasts a detachable laboratory that could branch out to look for alien life on Mars. Built to inspire inventive rover designs for the space agency’s…

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