6 amazing things you may not have known about the Taj Mahal

Superlatives, hyperboles, and romanticism - these three literary vehicles are pretty common when describing the one-and-only Taj Mahal. And, after personally witnessing the monument at hand, we for one would vouch for many of the effusive uttering that come along with the grand architectural specimen. However, this article is not about the peerless and poetic…


Have historians found the Viking fortress that launched the invasion of England?!

Although very interesting in their designs, the discovery of Viking fortifications pertains to nothing new in the field of archaeology. But this time around, there might be something very special about the ring fortress uncovered in the island of Zealand. Known as the Vallø Borgring, some historians believe this was the very training camp from…

Cistern of Aetius_1

Cistern of Aetius: A Roman reservoir that is now turned into a football stadium!

Touted as the 'Sunken Garden' (Çukurbostan) during Ottoman times, and currently known as the Karagümrük stadyumu (or Karagümrük stadium), there is an expansive area in modern-day Istanbul that has a bit of exalted history to it. How so? Well, as it turns out, the football stadium is actually an extant specimen that aptly demonstrates the…


10 famous historical figures who may not have existed as we know them!

History is replete with renowned heroes, villains, generals and leaders. However, it has not always been easy on the part of the historians to 'cleanse' the shreds of truth from the copious scope of fiction. As a matter of fact, documentation of various literary sources have shown that larger-than-life characters were required for the numerous…


Historians may have discovered the oldest shipwreck in Mediterranean Sea

A few days ago, we talked about how scientists have embarked on an expedition to find one of Europe's oldest inhabited places. Well, this time around, another group of international researchers have stumbled across a 2,700-year old Phoenician ship and its cargo, off the island nation of Malta. This fascinating find might very well account…

Schwerer Gustav_1

The 8 biggest guns of destruction used during Second World War

20th century easily stands out as one of mankind's most destructive epoch, with two World Wars and several intermittent conflicts encompassing regions around the globe. And such mass-scale destruction was paradoxically brought on by the flourish in technology. Arguably, nothing quite epitomizes this 'dark side' of technological progression than war inspired man-made specimens like arms,…


6 curious aspects of the Stonehenge that still baffle us

Stonehenge and enigma go hand in hand. And perhaps a host of hypotheses over the years have rather accentuated the level of mysticism that has shrouded the 'rough-hewn giants'. However, beyond absurdity, sensationalism and 'alien interventions', the Stonehenge is still a remarkable monument in its own right. So, let us check out how these impeccably…

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