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6 interesting aspects of El Escorial that makes it unique among European palaces

The well informed modern-day globetrotter can 'trot' his/her way around a fair share of fascinating historical monuments, ranging from the mountain nestled Machu Picchu, the grandly paradisiacal Versailles to the sublimely symmetrical Taj Mahal. But this 'eighth wonder' in the heartland of Spain has baffled and inspired architects, travelers and aficionados alike for over four…


The lost Russian city of Mologa rises from underneath the Rybinsk Reservoir

Located at the convergence of the Volga River and its tributary, the iconic city of Mologa existed as far back as the 12th century. However in 1935, Stalin ordered the evacuation of the historic Russian trading post for the construction of the enormous Rybinsk Reservoir and the corresponding hydroelectric power plant. (more…)


Did the Irish reach America before the Vikings and Columbus?

To start off with the histrionic statement - Christopher Columbus was not the first European to reach the Americas. The honor is commonly believed to belong to one Leif Erikson, the intrepid Viking explorer from Iceland who arrived in North America almost 500 years before Columbus, and also established the Norse settlement at 'Vinland' (a…


Mesmerizing historical photos colorized in realistic manner

Modern history speaks in color - by the painstaking efforts of numerous artists like Jordan Lloyd, Dana Keller, Sanna Dullaway and others. Most of these fascinating photographs are from the era of late 19th century to the early half of the 20th century. (more…)

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