Decimation – An ominous word we avoid, and the Romans feared!

In our modern context, the very term 'decimation' pertains to the utter destruction of a habitat, populace or even an eco-system. But as it turns out, a few Roman generals purposefully enacted the method of decimation as disciplinary punishment for their legions! (more…)

Dome of the Rock

8 remarkable things you might not know about the Dome of the Rock

The Dome of the Rock (Qubbat As-Sakhrah) is among the world's select few monuments that epitomizes political, religious and even architectural paradoxes. It is rightly considered as a very important Islamic shrine (not a mosque), and also believed to be among the oldest Islamic architectural specimens. However, the significance of the site on which it…


Sorry Spartans, it was the Persians who shaped the first recorded human rights!

Popular media and movies might sing a different tune of cultural dominance. But fortunately beyond abhorrent racism and fantastical rhinoceroses, historical evidences are still there to record the unbiased set of events. To that end, as it turns out - it was actually the Persians who concretely devised the first ethical guidelines pertaining to the…


Sports matches were fixed, even during the ancient times!

In spite of all the haughtiness, brouhaha and palaver, most of us must surely know that WWE is just a show - an orchestrated endeavor to entertain the public. Not that we have anything against it; in fact, Rome was among one of the ancient entities that favored public spectacles of the violent sort. And…

Emperor Nero's_ rotating dining room

Emperor Nero’s fabled rotating dining room is finally unearthed

Emperor Nero who ruled from 54 to 68 AD, was believed to have a myriad of personality idiosyncrasies, ranging from occasions of disturbing sadism to bouts of ludicrous delusions. After all, many Romans held him responsible for the Great Fire of Rome, while evidences are also found pertaining to early Christians being burned in his…


8 fascinating facts about the Parthenon, the ‘cultural icon’ from Ancient Greece

Dedicated to goddess Athena Parthenos - the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage and warfare; the imposing Parthenon in every sense is the symbolic manifestation of the apical power of Athens. A huge constructional undertaking by any standard, the grandiose temple was roughly completed in 438 BC. And after more than 2,450 years, the imposing monument…


The 10 oldest continuously inhabited cities in Eurasia

History has been witness to both - great settlements that have fallen due to the slightest of chances and magnificent urban centers that have emerged against all odds. In spite of such seemingly capricious endeavors, there are some extraordinary precedents of cities around the world that have seemingly stood the proverbial test of time. (more…)

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