World’s oldest known fossils possibly discovered – and they are 3.7 billion years old

A team of Australian researchers from the University of Wollongong have possibly identified 3.7-billion-year old stromatolite fossils in Greenland, and they might pertain to the earliest signs of life on Earth. Found along sedimentary rocks in the Isua Greenstone Belt (along Greenland's icecap), these stromatolite fossils predate the previously oldest known stromatolite fossils (originally found…

Researchers Discover New Species Of Now-Extinct Marsupial Lion Family-1

Researchers discover new species of the now-extinct marsupial lion family in Australia

Researchers have recently discovered a new member of the now-extinct Thylacoleonidae marsupial lion family. Living during the Pleistocene epoch in Australia, the species is a close relative of and slightly smaller than Thylacoleo carnifex. Weighing only around 600 gm, the carnivorous creature was identified through fossil specimens by a team of paleontologists from the University of…

Maya Royal Tomb Found In Belize Points To Little-Known 'Snake Dynasty'-1

Maya royal tomb discovered in Belize points to little-known ‘snake dynasty’

Archaeologists have recently discovered what seems to be one of the largest royal Maya tombs found so far. Unearthed in Belize, the ancient tomb housed animal bone fragments, several pieces of obsidian as well as a male skeleton. According to the researchers, hieroglyphs along the walls of the royal tomb could help uncover valuable information…

Board Games Kept Viking Warriors Entertained In Afterlife-1

Board games kept viking warriors entertained in afterlife, archaeologists reveal

By early 9th century, the Orkney Islands, an archipelago in the Northern Isles of Scotland, pretty much became the headquarters for pirate raids and expeditions mounted by the Vikings against both Norway and mainland Scotland. In fact, the area later became embroiled in the dynastic politics of the Norsemen, and as such was under Norse…

340-year-old cheese found under the ocean has a surprisingly 'pleasant' smell-8

340-year-old cheese found under the ocean has a surprisingly ‘pleasant’ smell

Little over a month after archaeologists discovered a 2,000-year-old lump of butter in the Irish peat bog, a team of divers has stumbled upon what seems to be 340-year-old cheese, while surveying a 17th-century shipwreck in the Baltic Sea. Interestingly, the leader of the expedition Lars Einarsson described the centuries-old diary product as having quite a "pleasant"…


Capital of ancient Roman territory of Dacia to undergo EUR 4.5 million restoration

Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa (or Colonia Ulpia Traiana Augusta Dacica Sarmizegetusa) was the capital and the largest settlement in Roman-controlled Dacia (mainly corresponding to modern Romania and Moldova), with its name partially derived from Sarmizegetusa – the former religious and political center of Dacia. Founded during the reign of Trajan, possibly between 106-107 AD – when…

Purple Pages Of New Testament Manuscript Were Dyed With Urine-4

Purple pages of ancient New Testament manuscript were dyed with urine, new study reveals

Analysis of Codex Purpureus Rossanensis, by researchers at Italy's Central Institute for Restoration and Conservation of Archival and Library Heritage (ICRCPAL), has revealed that its unique purple parchments were the result of treatment with a mixture of weeds and urine. Celebrated as one of the oldest extant illuminated manuscripts of the New Testament, the 1,500-year-old…

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