99-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Wings With Feathers Discovered-1

99-million-year-old dinosaur wings with feathers intact discovered inside amber

Popular culture has its fair share of grandiose depictions when it comes to the realm of dinosaurs. But this time around on the academic side of affairs, the sense of fascination rather traverses the size-factor, to account for something more intricate. The result is the discovery of two dinosaur wings that are so well preserved…


World’s first farmers were insects not humans, new research reveals

A major milestone in the history of humankind is the emergence of agriculture. It is commonly believed that humans started farming some 10,000 years ago in what is now Turkey and the Middle East. According to a new research, however, the history of human agriculture is almost minuscule in comparison to the millions of years…


World’s oldest known wooden idol is 6,000 years older than Stonehenge!

Tall and slender – the Shigir Idol stands proudly with its height of 9.2 ft at the Sverdlovsk Regional Museum of Local Lore, in Yekaterinburg, Russia. And historically, this impressive work of art is actually more than twice as old as the Great Pyramid (while being 6,000 years older than even Stonehenge), thus making it…

Ancient Rock Art Found In The Caribbean Island Of Montserrat-1

Hikers accidentally uncover ancient rock art in the Caribbean island of Montserrat

Intricate petroglyphs, nearly 1,500 years old, have been discovered in the Caribbean island of Montserrat. The ancient carvings are the first of their kind to be found in the Lesser Antilles island, with similar markings previously seen in the northern part of South America as well as certain regions in the Caribbean. According to archaeologists,…

Researchers Use Astronomy To Date Sappho's 2,500-Year-Old Poem-2

Astronomers date Sappho’s 2,500-year-old poem by looking at the Pleiades star cluster

Using highly-specialized astronomical software, a team of scientists has managed to accurately date "Midnight Poem", a work by lyric poet Sappho. The poem, according to the researchers, describes the night sky in Greece, some 2,500 years ago. Recently published in the Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage, the paper, titled "Seasonal dating of Sappho's 'Midnight…

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