Brilliant 3D animations show the sheer majesty of ancient Babylon

When it comes to the historically rich region of Mesopotamia, Babylon is arguably the most renowned of all cities. An ancient settlement that harks back to the dominions of Sargon of Akkad (circa 24th century BC), Babylon possibly started out as a small town in the backdrop of mighty cities like Ur, Uruk and Nippur.…


Archaeologists come across a ‘jovial’ skeleton mosaic in Turkey

People did have sense of humor (with a dash of hedonism) in the 3rd century BC, or around 2,300 years ago. At least that is what is evident from an incredible ancient mosaic recently discovered in Hatay, a Turkish province that just borders Syria from the north. Th artwork in question features a seemingly 'cheerful'…

Satellite Imaging Points To Possible Viking Site In Canada-1

Satellite imaging points to hitherto-unknown Viking site in Newfoundland, Canada

Using satellite imagery, archaeologists have stumbled across what could be the second Viking site in the Canadian island of Newfoundland. The discovery, the researchers believe, indicates that the Scandinavian seafarers traveled much farther into North America than previously believed. The findings will be made public in the form of a two-hour documentary, titled "Vikings Unearthed".…

Siberian Unicorn Roamed The Earth 29,000 Years Ago, Study Reveals-4

Unicorns are real and they roamed the Earth only 29,000 years ago!

In case you thought unicorns weren’t real, we are here to tell you that you are wrong. Long ago, there lived a rather strange-looking mammal called the Siberian unicorn. Believed to have been extinct for the last 350,000 years, it resembled a rhino more than a horse. As part of a recent research, archaeologists have…

King Tut's Tomb Could House Remains Of Other Family Members-3

Hidden chambers in King Tut’s tomb could house remains of other family members

Radar scanning of King Tut’s tomb has revealed two hitherto-unknown chambers containing either metal or organic material, Egyptian Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al-Damaty said at a recent press conference. Conducted by Japanese scientist Hirokatsu Watanabu and his team, the survey has uncovered two hidden rooms along the eastern and northern walls of the 3,300-year-old, curse-protected tomb.…

Neanderthals Consumed 80-Percent Red Meat And 20-Percent Veggies-2

Neanderthals survived on paleo diets, comprising of 80-percent red meat and around 20-percent plant-based food

According to two recent studies, Neanderthals survived on a diet comprising up to 80-percent red meat and around 20-percent plant-based items, including fruits, vegetables and others. Seafood was largely, if not entirely, absent from their diet. The discoveries, according to the researchers, were made while analyzing skeletal remains of early humans hailing from Asia and…

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