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Nanogenerator could potentially harvest electricity from the blood flow inside our veins

Throughout the history of mankind, people have used the potential and kinetic energy of flowing water to 'fuel' mechanical contrivances, ranging from the rudimentary watermill to massive turbines. One of the primary reasons for such a technological pattern spanning over millennia relates to the intrinsic advantage of flowing water that is independent of other parameters…

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008Skin-Like Triboelectric Nanogenerator Uses Friction To Produce Power-1

Innovative human skin-like triboelectric nanogenerator relies on friction to generate power

As part of a new project, scientists at China’s National Center for Nanoscience and Technology have developed an innovative triboelectric nanogenerator called STENG that is just as flexible as human skin. Like other triboelectric devices, the contraption produces electricity as a result of friction between two different materials. A paper describing its potential uses has recently…

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