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Roambotics Jr_1

Roambotics has developed a high-tech, self-steering vigilant robot called Jr.

The winner of this year's Proto Labs Cool Idea! Award, a funding program that helps innovators transform their prototypes into marketable products, is Roambotics. Known for building personalized robots that can be controlled by smartphones, the three-person design team at Roambotics has developed a highly intuitive patrolling robotic device called Jr. (more…)


Transform: a shape-shifting, interactive table design by MIT researchers

Gone are the days when tables were merely static lumps of wood. Showcased at the Milan Design Week, 'Transform' is indeed a revolutionary concept in the domain of interactive furniture. Crafted by a team of MIT engineers and designers, this innovative table design  comes with an impressive shape-shifting feature, that will leave you spellbound. (more…)

HARKEN car-based system

The advanced HARKEN car-based system alerts drivers about their fatigue levels

The 'comical' trope of a driver falling asleep at the wheels has been done to death in popular media. Fortunately, a team of European scientists are developing a car-based system that might prevent accidental automobile oriented deaths in real-time. The consortium behind the incredible project has christened the technological application as HARKEN or Heart and…


3D printed blood vessels: One step closer to developing artificial organs

A major ongoing project in the field of biomedical engineering is 3D bioprinting, a highly intricate process of recreating cell and tissue patterns, in a laboratory, in order to produce artificial organs. By employing this concept, scientists have successfully constructed jawbones, tracheas and even urinary bladders from existing stem cells. (more…)

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