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Spatially effective ‘shipping container’ TerraFarms grow 3 acres of food with half the required water

In a conventional circumstance, an old warehouse shipping container can't be pushed forth as the ideal candidate for efficient farming. But Local Roots challenges this notion with aplomb, via their hydroponic farming solutions christened as the TerraFarm. The incredible design in question here pertains to 40-ft long shipping containers that only require five to twenty…

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Tesla undertakes ambitious task of building world's largest solar storage facility in Kauai-5

Tesla undertakes ambitious task of building world’s largest solar storage facility in Kauai

Tesla’s foray into clean energy reached a high point last year when it completed an enormous solar power facility in the island of Ta’u in American Samoa. Fitted with as many as 5,328 photovoltaic panels as well as 60 industrial-scale PowerPack batteries, the 1.4-megawatt installation currently provides nearly 100-percent of the island’s energy. The company’s…

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